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Today marks the 2 week anniversary of the first Putting Up with Erin post! You’re probably thinking “keep it up for two years, then we will have something to get excited about”, but nonetheless I’m excited! Already have I had the courage to tell a young aspiring canner at the farmers market about the blog. Already has a friend in another state tried out a few recipes and posted photos on social media unbeknownst to me. Aside from putting up several recipes that I may have otherwise not tried, I feel as if all my preconceived woes, i.e. “why would I start a blog, I have no new content to offer” or “look at how amazing these other canning blogs look, mine could never amount to that”, of starting a blog have almost disappeared. I embrace the challenge of posting two to three new posts a week (without internet at home) throughout the on and off “season of canning”. I’ve have began thinking ahead to what types of locally sourced fruits and vegetables I will can during the dead of winter, and if the options are limited to local root veggies or store bought frozen berries, what types of non-recipe posts will I make. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

To reflect and celebrate, yesterday Sam and I decided to have a pickle picnic, in which we hopped on our bicycles, found a nice grassy field, and popped a few jars. We chose a picnic spot right off of the Jones Falls Trail behind a small community garden. To give the picnic a little non pickle substance, we stopped to pick up some beer, bread, olives, and cheese. As far as the creations go, we tried a jar of spicy carrots, ZydeGo pickles, a “mess up jar” of pickled cumin cauliflower, and some Cran’apple sauce as a treat. The limited person per jar tasting reviews were as follows: the carrots were amazing, the cauliflower a bit overpowering (I guess I’ll stick to the trusted CURRY cauliflower pickles), the cucumber pickles were fine (should have used cider vinegar instead of white), and let’s be honest, we all knew the applesauce was going to be good! 🙂



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