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After a long week of moving, crashing with friends, making new friends, and drinking a bit more than probably healthy, my 2 month “hobo run” has came to an end. I have FINALLY settled into my new space in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and I couldn’t be happier. Because all of my canning supplies were safely packed away in the moving pod, and because I didn’t exactly have access to a kitchen this past week, I instead spent some time thinking up new recipes, shopping for jar storage, and scoping out the local pickle/canning scene. Today kicked off the beginning the summer farmers’ market in town. I was very excited to stumble upon not one but several booths vending preserved goods. Although mostly your typical jams and jellies, I did manage to find some more wacky (you know I like to get weird…) canned varieties from the Maine Homestead stand. Head over to their website to take a look and even order a few jars for yourself.


If you’ve ever visited the NH seacoast region, you are probably familiar with its overwhelming friendliness. Not only have I found that people are in general ecstatic about pretty much everything, but more specifically that there is a huge interest in local food collaborations. I can’t say too much as of now, but several restaurants around town have let on to the idea of teaming up to produce site specific preserved goods! I am also toying around with the idea of signing up for a CSA this season. This would not only force me to get more adventurous in terms of what I had to put up, but would also guarantee local and in season food preservation.


On another note, you may have noticed the new site header image. I figured that with everything else new and changing in my life right now, it was only appropriate that Putting Up with Erin also received some updates and a little Spring cleaning. On that same vein, but definitely more exciting, production/print of Putting Up with Erin business cards is currently underway. No longer will the “digits” have to be passed via cocktail napkins and iPhone apps, Putting Up with Erin has officially achieved blog yuppie’ness. 😉 I’ll post a photo of the beauties next week.

Oh.. I started a batch of watermelon radish & bok choy kimchi this afternoon, keep a look out for the fermented masterpiece in the coming days…

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