Tarragon Beans- Putting Up with ErinTarragon Beans- Putting Up with Erin

Hello August! Mid-summer crops (or what I’ve always considered mid-summer crops elsewhere) have finally arrived here in the North East United States. The local farmers’ markets are effectively overflowing with fruits, veggies, colors, and smiles. Since the beginning of the summer farmers’ market season here in Portsmouth, I’ve found myself so focused on finding new canning ingredients that I rarely buy any produce for my own meal and personal consumption. “I’ll take three pounds of eggplant (for pickles), four pounds of cucumbers (for pickles), and two pounds of onions (for pickles)… awesome!”… only to realize mid-week that I have nothing to cook for dinner and having to make a trip to the local grocery store for sub-par produce (dumb). This past Saturday, following my routine pickling stroll (canvas bag already packed full of ingredients), I decided to do another a lap around the market wherein I would only buy produce for this weeks’ dinners: carrots, corn, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc. Not a bad market haul if you ask me, now if only I can keep my veggie priorities straight. What type of market items did you bring home this week?

I personally could die a happy pickle eater… cough… pickler if the world consisted of only pickled carrots, beets, cauliflower, and string beans. With perhaps the exception of straight up dill pickles, for the sake of variety, it’s pretty rare that I put up the same thing twice. The problem is that there’s only so many ways you can swing a string bean. I came across these beautiful yellow wax beans at the Wake Robin Farm booth last weekend and immediately started flipping through my mental pickle recipe rolodex… basil beans (done it), curry beans (done it), dilly beans (done it), old bay beans (done it)…. and then I remembered these tarragon beans from Linda Ziedrich’s book The Joy of Pickling. Aside from adding tarragon, I more or less winged it with this wax bean recipe. Enjoy these tarragon pickles aside seafood, fruits, poultry, or eggs. I’d love to hear about other varieties of pickled beans that you’ve put up.

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