P’eviled Eggs
P'eviled Eggs- Putting Up with ErinP'eviled Eggs- Putting Up with Erin

When I accepted the job at the University of New Hampshire last November I amped myself up for a few things that I had never experienced before: snowshoeing (maybe today is the day), hiking ALOT more (check), boys with beards (check), and iceskating! Yesterday I finally went iceskating for the first time! I nearly bailed out on the invite as the idea of ice, knifes on my feet, combined with my not so amazing balance was a real bad life choice. After the minor anxiety attack passed, I thought, “what the hell, what’s the worst thing that could happen, plus I need to try everything 3x, right?” Albeit I held on to the rail the majority of the time and nearly took out 4 children, I didn’t fall, didn’t break any bones… or faces, and I am still in high spirits and may even want to try it again. You can see photos from yesterday’s adventure on my instragram account.

In thinking up a name for these pickled deviled eggs, two ideas came to mind: dickles and p’evils. I liked dickles… but figured p’eviled eggs might be a bit more appropriate for the mass media. When I scheduled my pickle party last Monday, I made a huge batch (2 dozen backyard eggs) of my sriracha pickled eggs. The thought was to offset the spicy flavor of sriracha with a sweet curry, coconut deviled egg twist, but, when push came to shove and people where on their way over, we ended up keeping it easy and instead simply garnished the eggs with fresh cherry tomatoes and (surprise) more sriracha sauce! Happy snow day! 🙂

P'eviled Eggs- Putting Up with ErinP'eviled Eggs- Putting Up with ErinP'eviled Eggs- Putting Up with Erin

P’eviled Eggs



  1. Cut pickled eggs in half length-wise.
  2. Scoop the yolk out of each egg. Combine yolks and mayonnaise in a medium size bowl until well mixed.
  3. Using either a pastry, piping, or plastic bag pipe yolk mixture into each half egg.
  4. Garnish with sriracha sauce, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, etc.

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