Pickle’pinon: Pickled Beets & Onions from Joinery

Pickle'pinon: Sweet Beets from Joinery

Last week after posting the first Pickle’pinon review, I received a message from Brendan Vesey, the head chef at Joinery Restaurant in Newmarket, NH, asking if I’d like to review some of their pickles. Obviously, trying to tone down my excitement I said, “SURE!”, and thought goddamn I love my hobby. It was a crazy busy week without access to a ride, so Wednesday I was finally able to make it over to retrieve the pickle goods. When I arrived they had put together a gorgeous jar of assorted pickled veggies (see photo above) for the purposes of photos and let’s be honest, tasting. If you haven’t yet tried the pickle jar ($3) from Joinery, I recommend you walk… no, run your brine loving ass over to the Newmarket Mills to give them a try.

Pop the lid and you see a magenta colored array of onion strings and cylindria beets spears (locally sourced from Meadow’s Mirth Farm in Stratham, NH). The first bite of beet was semi-crunchy (I say a 3 on crunch factor… 5 being a firm crunch). I kept the jar in the fridge for a couple hours before opening to ensure a more snappy pickle. The flavor was what you would expect from a classic beet pickle: tangy, onion’y, and a little bit sweet. That being said, the whole spices were filtered out of the brine before processing, so my guess on the mystery brine is a spice melange of cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, sugar, and ACV.

Pickle'pinon: Sweet Beets from Joinery

With a quart for tasting I took a couple days with these pickled beets, and I can honestly say that they grew on me after the first couple spears… from “that’s a good pickle”… to “nah, that’s a really great pickle!!!”. I’d characterize these pickled beets as “full flavored” since all of the flavors lingered on my tastebuds for a while, and had me wanting more. Come to think of it, these pickles remind me a lot of Thanksgiving dinner as a kid, so that’s awesome.

My Memorial Day dinner: these beet pickles atop a pea tendril salad (also from Meadow’s Mirth) with crumbled goat cheese, fresh sliced yellow pepper, and a nice lemon pepper vinaigrette! Thanks to Brendan and most certainly the Joinery staff for the uber tasty pickles. If you are a Seacoast pickle maker and are interested in contributing pickles for this review, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email… 

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