Pickle’pinon: Pickled Scarlett Turnips from Moxy

Pickle'pinon: Scarlett Turnips

Maybe it’s the flavor, maybe it’s the crunch, or the spiciness, and/or the smell? Or maybe it’s a combination of all these things that results in the perfect pickle. We all might (or should) have our favorite type, vegetable, brand, etc. of pickle food, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why and what about that pickle makes it so enjoyable? In thinking about new recipes for this Spring/Summer, I began to ponder the question: what makes the perfect pickle?! Sure, the answer to this question is certainly in the mouth of the pickle eater, but in general it seems that most people enjoy the same qualities of the “ideal” pickle. Several weeks ago, while out with some friends at a local farm-to-table joint, I came up with the idea for a new blog segment: Pickle’pinon- a review of locally produced pickles. Not only does this allow me to review pickles based on several indices, but let’s be honest, it also gives me the opportunity to taste a hell of a lot of pickles!

As a disclaimer I must say that while I like pickles (A LOT), this in no way gives me any clout or say in what makes one pickle better than another. The idea here is to introduce and showcase different pickles from chefs, restaurants, and farms around the Seacoast region.

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