Pickle’pinon: The Perfectly Fried Pickles at LaPlace

Hi y’all, it’s been a while huh? While I haven’t been blogging, I have been keeping up with pickle’pinon reviews here in Durham, NC. I am now an official pickle reviewer for the local paper! I wanted to share a few of the articles that I have written thus far. Here’s an article from Feb. 3rd, 2016 Indy Week… Photo credit to Alex Boerner. I wrote this article after visiting LaPlace with my mom for brunch a few Sunday’s ago. Typically my go to Sunday eats is at Oval Park Grille in Durham, but as I had heard amazing things about LaPlace we decided to venture.

Disclaimer: my mother thinks that as she has been with me for every initial review tasting, that I should credit her in my articles… “Mom: Erin you should review these for the Indy– Me: That’s a great idea Mom (while emailing the Indy editor: ‘Grayson- the fried pickles at LaPlace are amazing, I must review them’-‘ ‘Editor: Ya? Are they amazing?)”. Holy hell, not only were these creole fried pickles amazing, but LaPlace’s Sunday brunch (you have to try their bloody mary’s) was maybe the best brunch I’ve had in the Triangle…


“If you have lived your lifetime under the misconception that green tomatoes are the sole vegetable beneficiary of a deep fryer’s love in the Deep South, head immediately to Hillsborough’s LaPlace Louisiana Cookery. What chicken and waffles do for the combination of sweet and savory, LaPlace’s creole-style fried pickles accomplish for salt and vinegar—that is, perfection.

“Like a true Louisiana roadside food stand, we’re really good at frying things,” says Dean James, LaPlace’s director of operations. He offers fried oysters, shrimp and étouffée fries as evidence. “People don’t really know our Cajun story. But they walk in and see fried pickles on the menu and think, ‘Fried pickles—now there’s something I can get behind.”

He’s right: As a lover of fried fare and pickles, I can confirm that these buttermilk-battered sour dill spears are among the best fried pickles I’ve ever had. Dusted with a proprietary blend of creole seasoning and served with an ample side of homemade ranch dressing, these spears resemble fried chicken tenders in both size and texture. Fried pickle chips are often too thin and oily, becoming too soggy to snap before you can get to many of them. But these pickles—stuffed into the bottom of a shallow Mason jar—are substantial and crispy. The cayenne and paprika perfectly complement the light buttermilk batter and contrast the pickle’s sour bite.

For weekend brunch, pair the pickles with a shrimp po’boy and a LaPlace Bloody Mary. For dinner, chase the appetizer with a bowl of LaPlace’s seafood gumbo or tasso ham, red beans and rice.

“We’re going for low-country Carolina cuisine,” says James, “but staying true to Louisiana cooking.”” 

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