Giveaway: Tater Tats Temporary Jar Tattoos
Giveaway: Pack of TaterTats Jar Temporary Tattoos

Do you ever come across ridiculous pickle products that you think were made for you? Me too! Last weekend while perusing my local Durham farmers’ market, I came across these temporary canning jar tattoos made by Tater Tats. Canned peaches, green beans, and tomatoes to be exact. I love it and I thought you would too. “Ten percent of all Tater Tat sales goes to support local farmers, and in turn, to deepen local economies, soil health, and human connectedness. Every purchase you make at Tater Tats helps make good food and good farming, work.” Tater Tats offers wholesale purchases and even a win a free #TaterTat instagram campaign. You can order a bunch of different temporary veggie tattoo packs per season of the year. These make great gifts, school handouts, and are a perfect way to sport your vegetable love! <3

Giveaway: Pack of TaterTats Jar Temporary Tattoos

For today’s giveaway, Putting Up with Erin has teamed up with Tater Tats to gift one lucky winner a pack (4?) of temporary jar tattoos. The raffle will run today though 11:59pm on Saturday the 29th. Use the widget below to enter. I will contact the winner by email after the raffle has ended. Good luck!

Tater Tats Temporary Jar Tattoo Giveaway

5 responses to Giveaway: Tater Tats Temporary Tattoos

  1. My favorite strawberry recipe is for a fresh, strawberry ~Rhubarb Pie. It’s a classic and it’s delicious.

  2. Good gawd. Those are cute enough to make permanent! I love my strawberries in smoothies, pie, and atop shortcake, but those balsamic strawberries make reach the top of my list!

  3. I hate strawberries! Okay, I don’t hate them, but I don’t like them at all. I get frustrated that the default fruit flavor for everything is strawberry. I love raspberry, blackberry, marionberry, I am okay-ish with blueberry, and I wish I could find more salmonberry and thimbleberry and serviceberry. Totally tired of strawberry!

  4. These are Adorable!!! Strawberry shortcake is a favorite and last year I tried strawberry freezer jam instead of the traditional brown yuck I had been making.

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