Putting Up with Erin is a home canning blog focused on pickling, preserving, and “putting up” food in jars. I share simple canning recipes, meal suggestions on what to do with your latest jarred goods, and the common putting up mishap. My objective is to help inspire people to stop buying common canned goods and start making them at home.

What I learned early on is that in order to get any sort of recognition in the land of food blogging your recipes have to be solid, good, and unique.. maybe even a little weird. I focus on is in-season, local, one-off adventurous canning recipes. I highlight local farmers, local preservation techniques, and the local scene.

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By day I’m a scientist, studying the ins and outs of harmful organisms, aquatic ecosystems, and public health. While my mom and boss think that my academic/career achievements are refrigerator front worthy, I won’t bore you with all that fun (email me if you really want to learn more). Originally from central California, I have lived and traveled all over the US, landing in Durham, NC in August 2015. By afternoon, night, and weekend, my smorgasbord of hobbies includes yoga, organizing food swaps, writing articles and pickle reviews for the Indy Week, vintage and retro wares, cycling, playing cribbage… From an early age, I have always had a deep affinity for pickles. A good thing or not, I was the type of kid (and adult) that was severely disappointed if pickles weren’t included in every holiday spread. Today, my affliction for pickles has only intensified (I may or may not drive a car with a “Pickle” vanity plate). My love for pickled items has grown to include: pickle’tinis, fried pickles, pickle chips, pickle backs, and other pickle creations (fact: I don’t care for sweet cucumber pickles… or Indian pickles).

I’d love to hear your comments, stories, recipes, etc.

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