Blackberry Gruit Jam- Putting Up with ErinBlackberry Gruit Jam- Putting Up with Erin

Curious canning newbie: “What are you up tonight?”

Me: “Canning jam. You?”

Curious canning newbie: “Ha, aren’t you the party animal…”

Me: “You know me, wild Friday night. Want to get weird and come over to learn how to can?”

Curious canning newbie: “OMG that sounds amazing, I’ll bring the wine!!”

Don’t you just love it when others are equally excited about your nerdy hobby as you are?!? Last night a couple of friends joined me at my place for an impromptu canning demo. Completely as expected, chaos ensued and the story involved an emergency dash to the neighbors to borrow a whisk, one too many glasses or wine/cider, and magenta jam all over my tiny kitchen. I decided to revisit the idea of using beer as a jam base and this time employed Earth Eagle Brewings‘ Barelyberry pilsen gruit saison. EEB’s Barelyberry is an ale brewed with labrador tea, sage, yarrow and blackberries. Light fruit character throughout with a refreshing spice and faint blackberry finish. I hadn’t planned on adding anything other than pectin, sugar and lemon juice to the ale based jam, but after further thought and MANY taste tests 🙂 , I decided to go ahead and throw in some fresh blackberries to boost that “faint blackberry finish”. If you have any issues tracking down a berry gruit, just substitute in any other berry ale of your choosing.

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