Bok Choy Kimchi-Putting Up with ErinBok Choy Kimchi-Putting Up with Erin

Saturday morning kicked off the first week of the Portsmouth Summer Farmers’ Market. In a sentence, it was small, cute, super friendly, and as expected, booming with spring greens. In the spirit of local, in season, and organic preserved goods I scoured the market for a little putting up inspiration. Greens among greens… I spotted several bountiful bunches of pac choy (bok choy) from Riverside Farm and decided I’d go for kimchi rendition number 3. A modification on Doris & Jilly’s bok choy kimchi, I paired this super fresh bok choy with some watermelon radishes from Garen’s Greens at Riverside Farm (aren’t they beautiful??), and carrots from Heron Pond Farm.

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