Pepper Pickled Broccoli- Putting Up with Erin

Happy sunshine, happy Thursday, happy science! Earlier this week I had a “Wait a minute, what am I doing with my days? It’s time to get back to being productive and back to being serious about science” moment. In my over-enthusiastic moment of glory, I may have went a little overboard in printing papers, stocking up on notebooks, and buying highlighters (I haven’t been this excited about fluorescent pens since the age of 6 when I discovered the supply closest at my mom’s office). Today I’m playing hooky from campus and instead opted for a comfy coffee shop couch as the day’s workspace. On that note, and I apologize ahead of time, I’ll be away in Biddeford, ME all next week playing scientist. If you notice a lack of blog posts there’s the reason why.

What’s the word with all of you lately? Is anyone canning anything new, preparing crops for a late summer canning explosion, getting excited about canning workshops, etc.? As expected, the local farmers’ market here in NH is still to packed to the brim with leafy greens and spring onions. I’ve noticed that a few other canning blogs have recently been featuring fruity strawberry creations. Fresh strawberries have yet to hit the local markets in my area, but once they do you can be sure to expect a boom of blog color coming your way. Today’s pepper pickled broccoli recipe employees a geographically wide list of ingredients: dried chili peppers acquired during a trip out west earlier this year, a slew of seeds and spices picked up over the months from various ethnic grocers across Baltimore city, and fresh broccoli and garlic from the Golden Harvest produce market in Kittery, ME. A very quick and easy-to-modify spicy broccoli pickle that will pair up nicely with any picnic, cook out, and/or lazy night meal. Enjoy!

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