Sweet Potato Butter- Putting Up with ErinSweet Potato Butter- Putting Up with Erin

Happy Halloween! I may or may not be dressing up as a pickle tonight (check FB or Instagram for photos). Don’t worry I’m all dill pickle guys (sweet pickle? scoff…). I’m actually in Freeport, ME at a science meeting today sans gherkin costume… the chick with the ears and tale apparently didn’t get the memo. Even though I typically wait till the night before or the day of to pull together a planned out costume, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I’ve never really been one for risque costumes but more huge and obnoxious or costumes that I can incorporate in with my bicycle… or both. The plan for this evening is to attend the Portsmouth Halloween Parade and then to scoot over to the Polish Club in Newmarket, NH for a night of blues and mandatory dancing. What are you all up to on this witchy day?

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Meyer Lemon Curd- Putting Up with ErinMeyer Lemon Curd- Putting Up with Erin

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Happy Snow Day, Happy Spring Break!! The combination of those three things makes my restless self feel as if it should put on a bikini, go outside, do an Irish jig, and make a snow castle… then again maybe that’s just the coffee talking…

About a month ago citrus recipes (mainly marmalades) started popping up all over the food blogosphere. While I enjoy eating citrus fruits, I’m not the biggest fan of marmalades. Instead of making something just for the sake of pretty pictures and the blog, I held out for something that I really peaked my culinary interest… enter lemon curd! I came across this Meyer lemon curd recipe on the Food in Jars blog and couldn’t resist any longer. That’s to say until I found some Meyer lemons on the cold and snowy barren East Coast. I managed to track down some of these fruits at the local Whole Foods, but in very little way do they resemble the size, color, or grandeur of the lemons people are growing and using out West. Now that I’ve experience the taste of Meyer lemons, I will most definitely be ordering a bulk box of lemons from the Lemon Ladies Orchard next year.

This week’s Putting Up with Friends, or “Friends Putting Up with Erin” as an unnamed naysayer suggested, is brought to you from a bright, mildly disorganized, and underutilized kitchen in the Evergreen neighborhood of Baltimore. Thanks to my courteous canning host, I will be enjoying this sweet, yellow nectar of the lemon gods atop: a baguette with Brie cheese, a tiny tart with fresh raspberries, a scone or brioche, or most likely straight up out of the jar!

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