1 Year Blog’versary!!!

Champagne Beets- Putting Up with Erin

Set to the Alice in Wonderland tune- “Happy blog’versary to you. To me?” Today Putting Up with Erin turns one! When I started the blog a year ago, I was in the midst of writing my dissertation and was in dire need of a creative outlet. I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of surprised it lasted this long… Putting Up with Erin not only allowed me to explore my creative side through “cooking” but also, and maybe more enjoyable, through photo, web, and graphic design. Many people have asked, “do you do it for the food, the blog, the comments, or the stats?” I continue to blog because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about seasonal foods, as well as the experience of going to the farmers market, meeting farmers, and getting creative with flavor pairings. In the past year the blog has survived a major life move, several flavor muses, and a handful of kitchens (thanks to all my friends who participated in Friends Putting Up with Erin). The fresh start that came out of relocating to the NE was probably the best thing I could have done for myself and the blog.

I’ve decided to summarize a few year one milestones for ya (it’s statistics… I couldn’t help myself). Through various avenues of online exposure, the 6 recipes highlighted below received the most attention in the first year. Total monthly site views have gone from ~1,500 to roughly ~19,000. Personally, I’ve been interviewed for a couple news articles, featured as a writer in the upcoming winter issue of Darling Magazine, and will be co-authoring a textbook chapter on fermentation next spring.

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