Muscadine Jam with Fines Herbes

Muscadine Jam with Fines Herbes- Putting Up with ErinMuscadine Jam with Fines Herbes- Putting Up with Erin

When I started this blog post the plan was to give a very brief history of muscadine grapes, their health benefits, and their history. One wiki search later and I quickly realized, “oh man, there is a lot to learn, and love, about these medium-sized, funny textured grapes!” So, where to start?

“Of the bounteous store of natural gifts… upon the soil of North Carolina few have been more celebrated than the muscadine grape…” Discovered (not really as it was already growing in nature) in 1755, the muscadine grape (commonly referred to as a scuppernong) was first cultivated in North Carolina. Much less common than your typical market grapes, muscadine grapes offer a wealth of nutrition from bowel regulating (think fiber), to weight management (think fiber again), and rich in antioxidants. “One study… found that muscadines are a particularly good source of ellagic acid…. appears to inhibit cancer cell reproduction… Muscadine grapes also contain twice as much vitamin C as seedless grapes.”

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Lemon, Chive, & Rhubarb Jam

Lemon, Chive, & Rhubarb Jam- Putting Up with ErinLemon, Chive, & Rhubarb Jam- Putting Up with Erin

My plan was to start this blog post by talking about the magic of everything rhubarb, but then I found this video!!! There’s no way that my words could faithfully capture its majesty, so you should probably just watch it. I’m a little disappointed in myself for not knowing about this viral madness back in 2013 when it was originally released, but being late to the trend is apparently my thing… I get it, rhubarb is pretty great, but WOW, troll voiced lady really really wanted that alley-side rhubarb.

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