Blueberry Chocolate Jam- Putting Up with ErinBlueberry Chocolate Jam- Putting Up with Erin

Do you know that awful sensation when you wake up with a dry, bitter, chalky taste in your mouth? The sensation that can only come from eating copious amounts of dark chocolate paired with whiskey, no water, and forgetting to brush your teeth. Good morning Thursday! Perhaps in the future I will control myself and not eat half the bag of chocolate chips… perhaps not. I flip flopped between several different fruit options (raspberry, blackberry, orange) before I settled on using blueberries in this chocolate jam recipe inspired by A Brown Table. As this was my first stab at making jam, I took extra care and caution to ensure that 1) I didn’t splatter berry juice all over the kitchen, 2) the chocolate didn’t burn on the bottom of the pan, and 3) the perfect jam set was achieved. As my taste buds were exhausted by the flavor of chocolate, I really couldn’t detect the fruity, berry notes of this jam before I canned it last night. Thankfully, my gracious host confirmed it’s fruity deliciousness with a subtle “mmmm…” when paired with dried apricots and Wasa bread this morning. Though this recipe was a bit time consuming, I assure you that drizzling this blueberry chocolate jam over some vanilla bean ice cream will prove the time and effort well worth it.

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