Fermentation: Kefir

Fermentation: Kefir- Putting Up with ErinFermentation: Kefir- Putting Up with Erin

Did I ever mention that I co-authored a text book chapter on fermentation and the use of starter cultures? While it was quite a laughable learning experience, I do feel a bit more educated in something that before a year ago I knew little about. As many young “hipsters” these days do, I’ve had my share of fermentation fun: kombucha, kimchi, sauer kraut, and now kefir. About a month ago, I was offered a kefir starter culture for some pickles at the Seacoast Food Swap. I had tried store bought kefir before, but never really bought into the phenomenon because I honestly just thought it was another drinkable yogurt product. My first batch went horribly wrong as for some reason I thought fermenting milk at room temperature for 7days was OK (duh). But, now that I’ve got the hang of it, I’m kefir wild! It’s soooo much better and cheaper than the pasteurized kefir products you find at the grocer. I’ve actually started skipping my morning routine of yogurt and fruit for a cup of this slightly tart ferment mixed with local maple syrup. Plus, with the summer temperatures arise, I’m forced to take a break from my other fermentation hobby (kombucha) due to defeat by god damn fruit flies…

You may be wondering, “what’s all the hub-bub about with this kefir stuff?” I am still learning about the history, health benefits, etc. of kefir, but I thought as I’m super excited about this new found glory, that I’d share some interesting stuff I’ve learned over the past couple weeks with you. Because it’s late and I’m feeling weird, I’ve opted to share the odd things about this here fermented product.

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