Kiwi Blood Marmalade- Putting Up with ErinKiwi Blood Marmalade- Putting Up with Erin

If you’re from the west coast you’re probably all too familiar with the company Jamba Juice. In high school, I was a Jamba Juice fiend. Originally called the Juice Club, Jamba Juice was founded in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, CA. Now as your probably know, you can find Jamba Juice in most large cities and airports across the US. The point here, and how it pertains to this marmalade recipe, is that the Juice Club created a behind the scenes smoothie called the white gummy bear. If you were privy to this knowledge (likely through an employee), then lucky you. Anyways, as the name states, this drink tasted just like the clear white gummies that you find in gummy bear candies. My first thought when tasting this kiwi blood marmalade was, “WOW! That tastes exactly like the white gummy bear smoothie from Jamba Juice”!!

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