Basil & Lime Pickled Radishes

Basil & Lime Pickled Radishes- Putting Up with ErinBasil & Lime Pickled Radishes- Putting Up with Erin

Happy Sunday evening everyone. What a weekend, eh? If you joined the 3 million people who participated in women’s marches across the nation on Saturday, then rock on!! Saturday morning after yoga and the farmers’ market I found myself quite anxious and on the fence about the idea of attending our local march here in Raleigh, NC. I wained back and forth on whether to attend or not and final came to the conclusion that what I really needed was some alone time in the woods. I don’t know about you, but trail running through the trees not only helps clear my head, but also makes me feel like an outdoorsy badass! Five miles later, and one hell of a sore knee (I’ve had IT band problems for years), the fog began to lift and I felt much better.

Ever try to pass up beautifully arranged flowers AND adorable lady farmers? Impossible, right?! I decided to support local pink this weekend by picking up a couple pounds of tiny radishes from Bluebird Meadows. A Durham based farm, Bluebird Meadows’ is known for their specialty cut flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Wanting to preserve the color and crisp of these tiny root veggies, I threw together a quick pickled radish with some thai basil that I found at the new Hmart, plenty of lime, fresh garlic, and some black onion seeds. Weird combo? Yup!

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Quick Pickled Radishes

Quick Pickled Radishes- Putting Up with ErinQuick Pickled Radishes- Putting Up with Erin

Have I mentioned how excited I am that the Seacoast Eat Local farmers’ market is back in full summer swing?! Another year… another summer! Which means that my Saturday morning routine has finally returned to early morning yoga followed by strong black coffee and “market rounds”. While acquiring fresh pickling ingredients is really my main objective, I can’t deny how much I look forward to the social aspect of seeing farmers and catching up with friends… not to mention the decadent breakfast pastries and sandwiches. Yum!

With only 2 months left until my southward expansion, I’ve had to enforce a new rule: 2 jars max for pickling. Why? Because moving 800 miles with 75+ pint jars full of food is not only ridiculous but stupid heavy. What that means is that whatever I put up for the next two months has to be worth the tiny punch in quality, creativity, and flavor. Enter Jeremiah from Vernon Family Farm in Newfields, NH. This bearded chicken farmer, sausage maker, and mushroom grower just happened to have the perfect thing to fit my tiny bill: an colorful assortment of bite sized radishes. Paired with some larger radishes from Wake Robin Farm, I decided to go for a classic quick dill pickled radish. The flavor catch? A cinnamon stick and a 1/8th tsp of black onion seeds (kalonji) found at the local Indian market.

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