Smokey Picked Rutabaga- Putting Up with Erin Smokey Picked Rutabaga- Putting Up with Erin

For about three seconds this morning when I was getting dressed for work (my non-science job at the women’s vintage shop), I wished I had a fashion blog. Hurrying through the small alleys of Portsmouth, NH, I realized that not only was I double fisting a large cup of coffee and a green smoothie, but that I was donning a total vintage Indiana Jones meets chic Montana outfit¬†today. Trend setter, perhaps? Imagine me riding a buffalo while eating pickles, too much… too soon? ūüôā On another note, I finally resurrected my kombucha hobby¬†last night. At the¬†Portland Food Swap¬†this past week,¬†I swapped¬†a jar of my onion & sage jam for a SCOBY and some ‘bucha starter liquid! I plan on focusing my energy on secondary fermentation creations this time around… think ginger and turmeric flavor.

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Smokey Tomato Jam- Putting Up with ErinSmokey Tomato Jam- Putting Up with Erin

A little over a week ago you may recall me bitching about how behind I was on canning tomatoes this season. Well here ya have it folks… behold… tomato jam! Oh, this isn’t just any tomato jam, this is an extra smokey char broiled tomato jam. While I realize that the season is coming to an end and it may be too late for a few of you to¬†find good tomatoes, better late than never, right?¬†I started this season off by first making pickled cherry tomatoes¬†and¬†have a few more recipes that I have yet¬†to share (hint: preserves, sauce, etc.). This past Sunday we spent some time in the garden, and despite the overwhelming weeds there were still plenty of tomatoes to be harvested (thanks permaculture). 15lbs of juliet tomatoes to be exact. With over half of them being deemed as ‘seconds’, and the fruit flies centering in on their smelly good target, I needed to use them up fast. I plan on using this smokey jam in place of BBQ sauce and ketchup… smokey tomato jam and sweet potato fries, oh man, on man!

We are heading up to the Common Ground County Fair¬†put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) in Unity, Maine this weekend. The fair is focused on celebrating rural and sustainable living in New England. I’m looking forward to the various workshops and events, in particular the “Making & canning low-sugar jams” as well as the “wine-making made easy” sessions. I’ll report back on Monday. Have a nice weekend and as always, thanks for putting up with Erin. ūüôā

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Sriracha Pickled Eggs- Putting Up with ErinSriracha Pickled Eggs- Putting Up with Erin

Do you remember the first time you had a tomato off the vine? I do, it tasted nothing like the store bought tomatoes I always avoided (yuck). Aside from the color resemblance (kind of), the¬†contrast in flavor, moisture, and texture between the fresh picked and store bought tomatoes was¬†huge! You’re probably thinking, “why is Erin talking¬†tomatoes if today’s post is clearly about eggs?” Well… I recently experienced¬†my first backyard egg, collected¬†from Feathered Pig Farms in Brentwood, NH, and let me tell you… I’m going to stop myself from rambling on as most of you have probably had backyard eggs before… but, oh my moon I can’t get over the sunshine yellow yolk color or how the moisture content was almost creamy. I know¬†that there is a lot of discrepancy out there over whether there is really a distinguishable¬†difference between supermarket vs. coop eggs and if “people’s perception of egg flavor is mostly psychological”. So until I can perform my own double blind experiment, I am going to assume that backyard eggs are by far more superior.

The inspiration¬†behind¬†these Sriracha pickled eggs comes¬†from a few¬†sources, the foremost being The¬†Press Room,¬†a dark and somewhat depressing, yet charming music venue/bar in downtown Portsmouth, NH. Typically a murky two gallon glass jug containing¬†a¬†mystery¬†specimen that has been sitting on the¬†bar-top for an unknown duration¬†of time would cause me public health¬†anxiety… But, for some reason, probably the 3 martinis and the company, I figured it would be a good life choice to sample one of¬†their notorious pickled eggs. WOW! The vinegar plus spice¬†was absolutely delectable. For my¬†small batch of pickled eggs I loosely followed the direction of a forum post that I came across¬†on spicy pickled eggs. My quart sized batch is currently siting in the refrigerator¬†soaking up all the¬†spicy vinegar’y goodness of Sriracha brine. If I can manage to hold off on devouring them and can sacrifice the fridge space (it’s getting a little ridiculous in there), I’ll probably let these eggs sit for another couple weeks before consuming.

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