Parsley Pickled Parsnips- Putting Up with ErinParsley Pickled Parsnips- Putting Up with Erin

The thing I didn’t know when choosing the ingredients for this recipe (I just liked the sound of it) was that both the parsnip and the parsley root are winter vegetables whose edible part develops underground. While similar in look, yet quite different in taste and smell (I kind of detest the smell of parsnips), the parsnip and parsley root are both members of the Umbelliferae family. The Umbelliferae family also includes carrots, celery, parsley, chervil, fennel, and celeriac. The melange of these two ingredients came from the idea that the fresh bitter flavor of parsley would “balance” the sweetish and nutty tastes of parsnips. Furthermore, I figured adding whole black peppercorns would only intensify the slightly peppery flavor or parsley leafs. With the hopes of cutting the chewy center of the parsnips, I decided to coin the parsnips instead of pickling sticks. Try these parsley pickled parsnips with any European or Mediterranean dish. Enjoy!

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Update (12/18/2013): Tried these pickles tonight!  While the flavor is on-point, the texture of the pickled parsnips is weird, they are slightly chewy.  I recommend either cutting out the parsnip core/rind before pickling or coining the parsnips.

Pickled parsnips & carrots! Putting Up with ErinPickled parsnips & carrots! Putting Up with Erin

Need a quick, simple, spicy, and salty fix?  These pickles may be your answer. Depending on your preference, you can easily modify this recipe by adding more or less of any of the dry ingredients.  Or you could get creative and try different spice combinations. I’ve made countless variations of these pickles using yellow mustard seed; curious to taste the flavor differences between yellow and black mustard seeds, I experimented by swapping in black mustard for yellow in half of the pint jars.  As soon as I open a jar, I’ll report back with my findings.  If you didn’t notice it, these are essentially the same pickles using the same ingredients (albeit a different veggie) and ratios as the ZydeGo beans posted a couple of weeks ago, the only difference here is the red pepper flake substitution and the addition of bay leaves.

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