Dill & Chive Pickled Peas

Dill & Chive Pickled Peas- Putting Up with ErinDill & Chive Pickled Peas- Putting Up with Erin

Happy summer!! I’ve been on quite a fridge pickle kick as of late. This is a bit unlike me. I’m not sure if it’s due to not wanting to pull out my canner during these warm summer days, or if it’s because this forces me to consume everything before my travels south. It’s likely the crunch and crisp taste of early summer pickled produce. Last Sunday on my way home I stopped by Applecrest Farm Orchards in Hampton Falls, NH and scooped (literally) up a pound of these shell peas plus a couple bunches of fresh herbs. They just opened up their PYO strawberry fields, so if anyone wants to join me early next week for some pickin’ let me know. That reminds me, blueberry season in the NE is almost here!

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