Pickled Pineapple- Putting Up with ErinPickled Pineapple- Putting Up with Erin

As it turns out, Putting Up with Erin takes on a whole other punning meaning this week. As I mentioned before, I am currently in the limbo of moving which means I’ve found myself jumping, biking, and bouncing around Baltimore. To keep the blog active amidst all my craziness, I figured I’d shlep my canning pot around and try some “Putting Up with Friends”. This week’s Putting Up with Friends post comes to you from my gracious office mate’s kitchen in northern Baltimore. The second I walked into her huge, well stocked, well lit, and wine laden kitchen, I realized that this was going to be much more fun than canning all by my lonesome.

I came across the idea for pickled pineapple chunks at one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore, the Corner BYOB. They served this pickle with a few other varieties on their house cheese and charcuterie board. I played around with the idea and opted for a sweeter spiced pickled pineapple (say that 5 times fast…) recipe. Depending on your preference, you can start with a slightly unripe pineapple for a more tart pickle, or wait like I did for it to ripen up for a sweeter pickle. This super easy pineapple pickle would go great with BBQ, pineapple scones, or as I discovered last night some red wine or whiskey. Enjoy!

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