Pickled Chard Stems

Pickled Chard Stems- Putting Up with ErinPickled Chard Stems- Putting Up with Erin

Pickled chard stems… pickled chard stems! Say that five times fast and you’ll be saying, “pickled chard chems”. OK, it’s early, I’m en route to Logan Airport (off to CA), and I haven’t had any coffee yet. Did you know that chard is from the beet family, or that not all chard is swiss chard (only the green stemmed), OR that one serving of these leafy greens provides you with more than 300% of your daily vitamin K needs? Me neither!

It’s that funny time of year in the Northeast when as a “pickler” I can hardly contain my excitement for the local and in season market bounty anticipated for canning… but, if you haven’t noticed it at your local market, there isn’t much popping off yet aside from greens, green steamed things, green herbed things, and more greens things.. This past weekend while perusing the Portsouth market, I found myself at a loss for ingredients and decided to just grab… cough… greens, specifically this beautiful bunch of red chard from Conrad at Marcotte Farm for dinner. Spring forward to several hours and glasses of Pinot later and I start getting all crafty like and decide to pickle me some red chard stems. Fancy, huh? Check out this quick, simple, fridge pickled chard stem recipe below. Enjoy!

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