A Cry for Help: Sauerkraut…

Sauerkraut- Putting Up with ErinSauerkraut- Putting Up with Erin

Historically, fermented foods have played an important role in the diets of almost every society throughout the world. Although initially utilized as a method of food preservation, fermentation also offers health benefits and a way to diversify the diet… GREAT… great if I actually knew what I was doing. Rather than going on about fermentation or providing a killer recipe, I’m switching things up and am asking for advice/book or apparatus suggestions/help with fermenting vegetables. A horrific smelling apartment korean kimchi, a small batch overflow disaster, and more recently a SUPER smart night of experimenting with red cabbage sauerkraut while three sheets to the wind (there was red ALL over my kitchen when I woke up), my experience with fermented foods hasn’t gone too well to say the least.

A couple weeks back I picked up a couple heads of red cabbage from the Heron Pond Farm booth at the Wentworth Greenhouses winter farmers’ market. After thoroughly consulting with plenty of friends, websites, and the book Wild Fermentation I figured a basic sauerkraut recipe couldn’t be that difficult.

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