Ever wonder how people make sprouted bread? Me neither… Until now! The answer is sprouted flour, and thus sprouted grains. For Christmas this past year I received a sprout growing kit from the Sprout House. This kit doesn’t include many grains for the purpose of sprout flour, so i’ll have to acquire those at a later time. But what it does include is a plastic sprouting lid that fits any wide mouth-sized jar, and enough seed, pea, and bean samplers to last me a lifetime. Thus far, we’ve tried a few different mixes both in a 2 quart mason jar, and in our apartment-size aquaponics system (photo below). To my surprise, 4oz of dry seeds makes a TON of sprout’lings… so many that we’ve been giving away jars and baggies full of fresh sprouts!! With sprouts growing out my ears, the obvious next step was to try pickled sprouts. I added a generous handful of fatty bean sprouts to some leftover curry cauliflower brine and the result was shockingly tasty. Hey maybe I’m on to something… “heard it here first!!”  😀

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