Honey Pickled Kohlrabi- Putting Up with ErinHoney Pickled Kohlrabi- Putting Up with Erin

Have you ever been to a food swap? I was talking canning with a new foodie friend this past weekend and mentioned the Portland, ME food swap and how I wanted to attend the next event. We got to talking and discussing food swaps in more detail and quickly came to the conclusion: let’s just start a food swap here in Portsmouth, NH… 24 hours later and not only was the Seacoast Food Swap FB page created (with 70 likes within the first 3 days), but also a venue, volunteered help, flier, and an event date nailed down. High five for making things happen! To be honest, when I somewhat irrationally created the FB page at 1am this past Sunday, I didn’t really know what I was committing myself to, nor did I fully understand what a food swap entailed. Luckily with a little bit of digging, my understanding and excitement for the bartering/silent auction event only grew. Whew! On that note, if you live in or around the Seacoast region and are interested in attending the Seacoast Food Swap event in July it should be a great time. You can find out more about the event through the Facebook page or by contacting me directly. You know I’ll be there slinging my wares.

Today’s honey pickled kohlrabi recipe was kind of a last minute “crap I have an extra 2 pints worth of chopped kohlrabi but I’ve ran out of the main recipe ingredients” type of recipe. As I typically do, though this time may have been a bit more frantic as the hot water canner was set and ready to go, I consulted the magical world wide web for kohlrabi pickle inspiration… Sure enough, traditional chinese honey pickled kohlrabi was one of the top search results and I had all the ingredients plus some. As the recipe notes, I added star anise while preparing the brine but ended up removing the pods before canning as I wasn’t sure how well the overwhelming anise flavor would bode. Enjoy!

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