Sweet Pickled Green Strawberries

Putting Up with Erin- Sweet Pickled Green StrawberriesPutting Up with Erin- Sweet Pickled Green Strawberries

Holy hell you guys…. I caught my kitchen on fire while pickling!! OK.. before you and my mom freak out, it may have been just a small scrap on the burner and the pickles are fine, but, nonetheless I caught my stove on fire! That’s like a right of passage for canners, right? 🙂

A couple years ago, an old friend suggested that I pickle green strawberries. What? Weird. It never actually came to fruition as I waited too long and said green strawberries became red strawberries… but I never forgot the weird, funky suggestion. Fast forward to this morning when I was working in the yard (my first raised bed garden, btw) when I noticed a hundred tiny, wild, green strawberries just begging to be pickled. Careful not to pick the large, juicy, almost pink ones, I managed to collect several cups full of green berries.

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